"Be Prepared Stamford!"

Welcome to the Be Prepared Stamford disaster readiness site!

In its history, Stamford and the state of Connecticut have been affected by a multitude of natural disasters, including hurricanes, blizzards, floods, tornadoes, heat waves, thunderstorms, and blackouts. Although these disasters are unavoidable, you can take multiple measures to keep your family and belongings safe. By making sure you are properly prepared for Stamford's next natural disaster, you can help protect the wellbeing of yourself and your community!

Residents of Stamford can protect themselves from natural disasters through three easy steps:

This website can help you:

  • Learn in detail about various weather hazards that threaten the community and how to protect yourself from them
  • Make plans to make sure your family stays together and safe, either through taking shelter or evacuation, depending on the severity or type of disaster
  • Make a kit to use during disasters, for maintaining health and providing food and water for up to three days
  • Volunteer to make sure Stamford is better prepared for future disasters